Residential Electricians: Avoid Fires By Checking Warning Signs of Electrical Problems

Each year, thousands of house fires occur because of electrical malfunctions that supposed to have been prevented through residential electrical system maintenance or routine checks. You can protect your own home by inspecting your breaker panel or fuse box for the last inspection date. Warning signs or potential sources of electrical fires include having too many extension cords, flickering or dimming lights, sparkling, funny odors, hot switch plates or outlets, frequently tripped breakers or blown fuses, buzzing, and having the wrong type of outlets in the bathroom or kitchen.

More than the aesthetic appeal, electrical cords are buried within the walls to prevent alteration or disturbance that might be a source of potential problems because extension cords may get pinched, kink, and short out that may lead to damaged outlets, tripped breakers, and fire. Remember that heating and cooling appliances require a lot of power so dimming can be caused by an air conditioning unit trying to cool your room or a washing machine drawing current to heat water. You can contact a residential technician to install dedicated lines just for major appliances or moving lights to different circuits. This odd smell or smell of burnt plastic from an outlet is a clear sign of an electrical issue, so contact a residential technician immediately. If you notice sparking on the outlet, fuse box or breaker panel, call an electrician right away because sparking is never a good sign.

If the switch plate is uncomfortable hot, turn off whatever appliance is plugged in, and try it in a different outlet. If the outlet becomes hot even if there is no appliance plugged in, the possibility is that the wires are not properly installed or wired. You will be advised to remove the fuse for that outlet or flip the breaker until your electrical system is serviced. Frayed wires and loose outlets and prongs can cause the current to jump and may produce a sound like buzzing sound. It is important to ensure you have GFCIs ( Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) in your kitchen and bathroom which are special shock-resistant outlets that have an extra layer of shock protection. For more facts about electricians, visit this website at .

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